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Parallel Lines

How did I get here?

Bucky Lewis is a third and fourth generation New Hampshire native that is passionate about the social and cultural enrichment of others.
As a producer, writer and Host, he created a top Nielsen rated TV show.
With over 40 years of experience in the entertainment business, he has an innate understanding of the dynamics of what people want.  
He is an author and has Hollywood films to his credit.  He uses humor, music and storytelling to engage audiences of all ages.

He is a classically trained musician from Berklee, a world-ranked freestyle skier,  FAA licensed both private pilot as well as drone pilot, and one of the top fund raising entertainers in New England.
Twice an EMT, he truly understands the need to not just to heal the body physically but to heal the body spiritually.


"My whole life has been in making sure that I wasn't the only one in the room having fun!"

"And to do it and help raise money for great causes, wow, I am lucky that God chose me to do it!"

------------  Bucky Lewis

My Story


YES ---- YOU!!

Bucky Lewis was one of the first entertainers in New England to put on one-man comedy and music shows to raise money for needy causes.

THOUSANDS of dollars later, Bucky is going strong in every phase of your fundraiser - marketing, logistics, financial structure, and all around coaching for you to put on a successful event.



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